Home Buyers Reports

When considering buying a new home, families and individuals need assurance that the electrical installation is safe for continued use and complies with relevant regulations. Our customers need to know if a property may need extensive re-wiring work which is likely to be costly and disruptive.

Carrying out inspection work in a house or flat not yet owned by a potential home buyer is a delicate operation. Clearly there are limits to the disruption the inspection can cause current occupiers. It is important that the right balance is struck to ensure the necessary information can be provided whilst not being too intrusive.

We always make sure that our customer has a good understanding of the implications of any of the report's findings by taking the time to talk it through and answer any questions they may have.

We are well known and trusted by many local estate agents. We liase as required with all parties concerned, obtain and return keys if required and provide our reports in a timely manner. 

Email or Phone to get a quote or arrange a booking - admin@chorltonelectric.co.uk - 0161 881 8162